I've Been here before - Just take me to the new stuff .


I spent some time trying to get High Speed Wireless service in McNab/Braeside, but there's not enough interest to attract a provider.

So I started my own tower to get Line of Site back to a WISP in Arnprior, or Renfrew

The Tail goes like this;

A "Friend" (yes, Tim that would be you) sent me a link to the Pringles Can Antenna on the Seattle Wireless Site......I thought 'hey I could probably do that !'

From there I hit the swap pages - and found myself a Tower. In good shape and only $150. - Wohoo!

To make a long trip short (3.5 hrs each way to get the darn thing).... I spent more on gas than the tower cost :-( When I got it home and thawed it out (It was mid Feb. - in Ontario that means COLD & SNOW) I found that the bottom section had a fair bit of damage, and some of the crossers were bent....

No problem..... how expensive can that be ?!?!

....Would you believe 508.00 - for one section of tower and some replacement parts?? :-(( Put that plan on hold until I know this is going to work!

Interesting lesson learned:

No matter how well you think you know what your doing - you're probably missing something.