Highlights of 2013 Customer Satisfaction survey

The 2013 C-Sat results were truly humbling" said Ian Fraser CEO of goZoom.ca.,

"Not only did our support team rate 97 out of 100, which is in the top 5% of the industry, We found that 99.5 % of our customers would sign up for goZoom's service again! Now that is Legendary customer loyalty.

"People's needs vary as do their priorities." said Fraser "Obviously the cheapest product on the market is not going to be the highest quality - something's gotta give....

Where one person wants service as cheap as possible another wants highest reliability and top notch support. It's a difficult mark to hit, but customer's who have been with us for 8 or more years know that we prioritize support, quality and reliability.

If the customer is looking for a High Quality ISP with Industry Leading support, well we hit that target very well. If they want the cheapest possible service I'm afraid that's not in our Business Strategy"

"Our CSat numbers are a good indicator that we are following our Business Strategy - Reliability and Support are our differentiators and our customers see that value"

Ian Fraser,
CEO goZoom.ca Inc.
Customer's Level of Tech-Ability:
47% Capable Users
33% Advanced Users
14% Power Users
6% Novice Users

Customer's Priority in Highspeed Service:
55% Highest Reliability
15% Local Support
13% Fastest Possible Speed
11% Lowest Possible Price
6% Other

Individual Customer's Use of Service
37% Streaming Video
82% Email/Google/Facebook etc
19% Online Gaming
28% Work From Home

Customer's Assessment of goZoom's Service offering (out of 100)
76 Performance
82 Reliability
97 Support
85 Contract Free Service
87 Value for your money

Customer Recommendation
.5% Will never recommend
3% Have not yet recommend
10% Intend to recommend
86% Have already recommended goZoom to Others

Service options
.5% Will switch Providers given another option
5% Will contact goZoom for DSL service if that technology becomes available in their area
8% Are unsure if they would switch technology within goZoom's Service portfolio
76% Are happy with their current connectivity and have no intention of changing anything
10% Are already using goZoom's DSL service

Would you sign-up as a goZoom customer again ?

99.5% Yes