Terms and Conditions of Service

At goZoom we pride ourselves on providing a quality product with friendly personal service, at a reasonable price. We believe that it is our customer's choice to remain with us if they are happy with our service; we do not bind our customers into contracts, however we are required to ensure that all of our customers know, and abide by, the rules set out in our Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) Also goZoom's Terms of Service (TOS) specifies the service level agreement for our Highspeed Services.

To ensure that all of our customer's expectations are met, goZoom requires that all Customers 'sign' our related Service Agreement(s) indicating that they have Read and Understand the TOS and AUP.

All customers are required to pay for installation as soon as the installation is completed, and monthly service is always paid for in advance. New customers often ask why they are recieving monthly service invoices immediately after being installed. Please see our Billing and Payment FAQ for important information about paying for your installation and how monthly fees are invoiced.

Click the appropriate link below to Download a PDF version of our AUP, TOS of Billing FAQ

PDF FormatAcceptable Usage Policy

PDF FormatTerms of Service

PDF FormatBilling And Payment Information