High Speed Internet

goZoom has the variety of highspeed services and plans needed to suit a wide range of customer needs and locations.

Which one is right for you? Not all services are available in all locations and not all customers need the same things in an internet service. The easiest way to determine which is the most suitable option for you is to contact us by email or by phone to discuss your requirements.

When you contact goZoom: it's not a high pressure sales pitch, it's about providing the information you need to make an informed decision, and it can be VERY confusing to understand the options available (or unavailable) at your location and the costs associated with those options - we take the time to provide the explanations you need to make the right choice. There's a reason why 99.5% of our customers say they would choose goZoom again, and that reason is NOT that we pressured them to sign up for a service that doesn't fit their needs.

Some of the key points:

  • DSL Installation tends to be less expensive than fixed wireless installation
  • DSL Download is a bit faster at a comparable monthly cost vs fixed wireless
  • DSL Requires a telephone line (although telephone service is not needed)
  • Both DSL and fixed wireless support wifi access. You add wifi onto either one by just plugging in a wifi router
  • Fixed wireless does not require a telephone line
  • Fixed wireless provides faster upload speed vs most DSL options
  • Fixed wireless service plans offer more flexibility than DSL

Follow the links below for more information on goZoom's DSL and fixed wireless services.