The reliability and security of your network is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of your business. But who even understands all that lingo ? DHCP, IP, DNS... What's a router do or why do you need a firewall? Let alone how do you configure any of that stuff properly.

Yes it should all just work, but it must be configured and installed properly to do that. We often find that the customer's complaints are related to incorrectly configured network components. Something as simple as a wifi router connected incorrectly can lead to intermitent and really frustrating experiences.

So what's the solution? We are. goZoom's staff has over 30 years combined experience designing, building and maintaining networks inside and out. From cabling and fibre optics to routing and switching to managing firewalls and VPN's across town or 1/2 way around the planet. We live and breath networking and the internet and all the details that no normal person would ever want to know (and doesn't need to). It's What We Do.