5G FWA is the Fastest Wireless technology available

If you received a 5G Fixed Wireless flier from goZoom then Your area has been upgraded to this state of the art Wireless technology providing Wireless speeds that rival Fiber optic speeds.

You probably have questions about just what this means and we've prepared a special 5G FAQ below to answer those questions.

  • Q. How do I know if I qualify for this service?
  • A. If you received a 5G flier directly from goZoom then your area has this technology available now.

    However if you swiped a flier from your friend's counter because your existing provider is slower than a snail then:

    • We feel bad for you. Please let us know where you live and we will see if we can help you with one of our other High Speed options.
    • Please give your friend their flier back so they can sign up!

  • Q. What is 5G FWA?
  • A. 5G FWA is the next step in High Speed wireless service. It is capable of Fibre like speeds in Urban and Sub-Urban areas independent of the local Fibre Optic infrastructure.

  • Q. How Fast is it?
  • A. 5G FWA can deliver up to 500 Mbps to the customer, however there is no business case to support that speed at this time. So right now our fastest 5G plan is 10x25Mbps and we expect to offer a 20x50Mbps, and possibly a 25x100Mbps in the future.

  • Q. When Can I get it ?
  • A. goZoom has already deployed 5G in select areas. If you received a flier directly from goZoom and followed the link on that flier to our website then you can already get it. Just give us a call!

  • Q. Why would I choose this over Fiber to the Home (FTTH) ?
  • A. There is currently no viable 'sharing' agreement for FTTH with any provider. That means that if you switch to FTTH you are tied to the provider of that FTTH service. Even if your fees go through the roof - and one might expect that they will with a monopoly owned infrastructure - You cannot switch to another provider because there is NO viable sharing agreement with ANY other provider at this time. goZoom's 5G FWA provides customers with an alternative with prices that don't sneak up every month, and there is no contract.